What could be better than playing at a casino for free before making your first deposit? With free spins, you can do this! Freespins is the most common type of free casino bonus without deposit – and these are available at virtually all casinos. 

Sign up Free spins

Free spins are usually offered when you sign up for a new casino, and in most cases, you get a package of free spins with no deposit required right after you sign up! There is a whole jungle of casinos online today; this can be a good test of casinos before you choose where you want to play. 

100 Free Spins
Only works for New players!
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250 Free Spins
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25 Free Spins
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Why should you aim for free spins?

There are plenty of reasons to play casino with free spins. It enhances the whole casino experience and gives you more chances to reach enormous profits. The given advantage is, of course, that you get to play for free for the generosity of the sites. 

If you still intend to spend as much money, as usual, it will be more games for the money with simple math. It can be extra lucrative if you play on slots with built-in jackpots and other huge winnings. Free Spins also become a way to compare the offerings between different casinos, as it does not cost anything extra for you. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to test many new and fun slots. What you should keep an eye out for are free spins with low or no wagering at all. Then you do not have to play through your winnings so many times before you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

Free Spins without deposit

One sort that we are ready to launch is “Free Spins without Deposit.” The fact that it is not active right now is because no casinos offer free spins when registering at present.

The reason for this is that casinos only offer their players a bonus at the first opportunity. In practice, this means that online casinos must choose between providing a deposit or a free gift. 

The fact that casinos choose that option over offering free spins without deposit is easy to understand. Casinos want you to deposit because their entire business idea is for players to wager money on their games.

When enough players are making a sufficient amount of money, casinos are more or less guaranteed to make a profit because odds are weighted in their favour.

The online casinos we have talked to would have liked to offer free bonuses and free spins without deposit, but the regulations do not allow this. And because of that, they choose to focus on rewarding players who want to make a deposit.

Play 2020

We have made a significant visual change on the website. You can now find new free spins in a straightforward and fast way.

So you no longer have to worry about running around at lots of different casinos where you don’t want to be.

We make sure you land on the casinos that offer free rounds without deposit.

Several casinos still offer spins without deposit, and these are, of course, the ones we present to you. If you have tips on more new casinos that provide spins without deposit, please feel free to come back to us with information about it.

Want to play today?

We have changed a lot even when it comes to our free spins. We no longer share daily offers like we used to. Instead, our entire focus is on finding the right casino. We can’t be as capable as the operators in publishing campaigns every day.

Although we write about them here on our site, you will also receive an email from the casino that you registered with via us.

Therefore, our entire ambition now lies in finding new casinos with free spins today, so you get registered for the casino’s promotions.

Popular free sites

With us, you will find only the most popular sites that also have free spins without deposit.

We combine these two factors to produce the most extensive free list without quality being the suffering factor.

All our casinos have a license that allows them to run games online.

It protects you from your data falling into the wrong hands.

Now we were thinking about telling you how to win against online casinos.

Now you may not think this is going to happen, but there is a way to win against the casino.

Have you thought about this?

There is a reason why casinos do not give 100% or 200% deposit bonus on every deposit you make.

This is usually only issued on the first deposit and is rolling in promotions when you have proven that you are a gambling customer.

You want to make sure to ALWAYS play with a deposit bonus to take advantage of this system. You will then become a bonus hunter, something that casinos try to keep away. Be sure to switch the casino for each deposit so that the casino does not see that you are using this system.

Free spins as a welcome bonus 

A welcome bonus is a form of bonus that is distributed to new players at a casino. It can consist of different types of gifts but is almost always included in free spins. 

A portion of these can usually be collected immediately after registration, and the remainder will be available to you after you make your first deposit into your gaming account. You typically get 10-20 pc directly, but there are also casinos where you can complete 100 free spins without deposit. 

For example, at almost all casinos without an account, you get different types of spins when you deposit. In some cases, the free spins only apply to selected slot machines, but it also happens that they are valid in all slots, perfect for those who are new and want to test your way around the gigantic offerings found in all casinos today. 

When you spin for free, your spins have a predetermined value, and you cannot raise or lower the bet you can when playing for your own money. 

You can see the predetermined value of your free spins in the bonus terms. To think about when it comes to free spins is that a wagering requirement usually covers them. This means you have to wager the winnings from your frees pins a certain number of times before you can withdraw them from your gaming account. All terms and conditions should be read at each casino before you spin. 

Free Spins

Playing on slots during 2020 with free spins is the ultimate casino experience. This means that you do not have to spend your own money at the same time as you have just as much profit chances as usual. With us you can read about how this works, your opportunities to utilize this and where you can do this. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss, so be sure to find out everything about free spins today!

Free spins come in different forms. Some free spins are unconditional in that they can be used on any slot. This allows you to pick and choose from the selection and choose the one that suits you best. This type of free spins is somewhat more exclusive, and you may need to look further if you want to find such a deal. 

It is typical for the online casino to tie your free spins to one or a couple of particular castles. That means you can only choose to use them on these slots. Fortunately, they usually belong to the newer and more popular ones in the range, which gives you the right conditions to enjoy the game anyway.

Which online casinos offer free spins with no deposit requirements?

To find an online casino that offers free spins with no deposit requirements, you may need some searching. It is often more common for casinos to choose to tie their free spins to a deposit bonus. 

However, since the casino market is large, it is usually possible to find a casino with a reasonable offer without significant problems. You can choose to go to each casino individually and do your research – or, you go to a site that collects all the offers in one place.


In today’s modern online casino, everyone has a mobile casino that is integrated with the main page. This means that you use the same account on both sites – whether you play on a computer or via a mobile device. You usually only need a relatively new model smartphone and an internet connection to reach the mobile casino. Then you can choose a slot in the mobile range and choose to use your free spins.

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